Henry Chong

Ibon: How To Print Documents at 7-11 In Taipei (100% Online)

A 7-11 convenience store street sign in Taiwan.

📷: Jeremy Kwok

Need to print a ticket, document or something else? While it's not particularly English friendly, it turns out that you can actually print any Word document or PDF at any 7-11 store in Taipei using their ibon machines!

Defying logic, the upload and printing options aren't documented under the print section of the website or on the machine itself. But the gist of it is:

Step 1) Upload your file online

Head over to this website (www.ibon.com.tw/0100/file_upload.aspx) and upload your file there - you'll need to provide your name and an email address, and upload your file. When it's done, you should see a few dates and a confirmation number. This website ran through Google Translate without too much issue.

Step 2) Head to a 7-11 and print your file

Every store will have an ibon kiosk (and it should be next to the printer). Don't go digging in the menu under the print icon, you won't find it there (although you can print documents off a USB flash disk through there). Instead, look for "下載" or something similar on the left side, and there might be one or two more but eventually there'll be something that says ibon, and then you'll need to provide the confirmation number to retrieve your document. If you get stuck here, ask one of the staff members to help you out. When I get some time, I'll update this post with lovely pictures.

Next, your file will load and it'll preview - there'll be a whole bunch of options asking if you want to print it single sided, black and white, on normal or premium paper, etc - and once you get past the final print preview, there'll be a little section where a Windows looking popup appears. I believe at this stage you might be able to pay with your EasyCard, but I just had to inform the attendant and he initiated the print for me. Collect your document and the print receipt, and pay at the counter!

A single A4 black and white normal print costs NT$2 - who needs a printer?