Henry Chong

Privacy and Legal Policy

As I'm not a lawyer, I intend to keep this policy simple and in plain language.

  • This website's content is my personal opinion. It does not represent the position, stance, policy or opinion of my current or former employers, or any other entity.
  • Don't steal my content. You're more than welcome to reference and reuse anything I've written, as long as it's not breaking any laws and you don't pretend that it was your work.
  • I'm not always correct. The content on this website is not guaranteed to be accurate, particularly for older content. Take anything I've written with a grain of salt and I can't be held responsible if you follow something written on this website and it doesn't work as intended.
  • You have control over your data and privacy at all times. Only if you accept using the cookie banner, this website uses Google Analytics 4 to help me understand where visitors are coming from (city information), how they are reading website content (browser and device information) and other general trends and insight information (session statistics, usage data).
  • I don't use or sell your data for commercial purposes. You may contact me as the Owner and Data Controller through any of the means described on the About Page at any time if you have any further questions or inquiries for myself as the Data Controller.

Let's continue to be good to each other :)