Wuxie is a game designed to build your Chinese vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. Adventure to become the ultimate warrior and defeat monsters with the power of your written word!


  • simplified and traditional Chinese support
  • New HSK Lists 1 – 6
  • a Spaced Repetition System; words you have trouble with are shown more often, while words you get correct consistently are shown less
  • online leaderboards, compete globally for word mastery!
  • unlockable achievements – RPG elements, with character development and statistics galore

One thought on “Wuxie

  1. Marc

    Hi Henry, thanks so much for this incredible game. It’s actually quite a bit better than other HSK flashcard sets I’ve tried. I’m not preparing for HSK, but I was looking for a way to drill characters in my spare time, and the Wuxie app does that and more. Great presentation and terrific execution.

    Thanks again!


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