Windows 8 / WinRT / Metro style - How To Prompt User To Send Email

14 May 2012

Was working on building an "About" panel for a Windows 8 app today (for which you can find a great guide to doing so here).

While I wasn't able to work out how to prompt a user to rate the application (EDIT: if you didn't click through, it turns out rate/review is added automatically if installed via Microsoft Store), I did work out how to prompt a user to send an email, much like the EmailComposeTask from Windows Phone 7.

All you need to do is still use the Launcher.LaunchUriAsync() method, but pass it a URI with a mailto: address. For example:

Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new Uri(""));

Easy, right? It feels like there's still a load of pickers which need to be ported across to Windows 8 though - there's potential for a lot of synergy between WP7 and Win8 still to be tapped into.

Tags: email, Windows 8, WinRT

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