Things I Miss About Taipei Now That I Live In London

8 October 2014

So I live in Camden, North London now - and as you'd expect, things get a little different when you travel 10,000 kilometers. My first impressions of London are that it's a vibrant, global city with a deep heritage...but there's some things I wish it would take from Taipei.

I really miss 7-11. I miss being able to print random documents on the cheap; our local option is £1 a page, which is 25 times more than what I was paying back in Taipei.

Not all of the London Underground stations have a public toilet; I took for granted the fact that a subway meant available restrooms, but the bulk of these tube stations seem to not even be very accessible for the handicapped. It's not all bad though; I have a new underground to explore! (And the escalators run at a much faster, efficient clip)

I miss efficient service. The wait for internet installation here is much longer than it was when we were setting it up in Taipei. You have to actually make appointments to set up a bank account here in London; I think if you tried that in Taipei you would never have any customers.

London does have the Parthenon sculptures though!

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