The Great Wall of WP7 Apps

19 April 2011

So, apparently at MIX '11, Microsoft covered three walls with every single app in the Marketplace to date. While the one Apple had at the WWDC conference in 2009 does sound awesomer, it's still pretty awesome that they did so. You can find some high resolution shots here and here, courtesy of Long Zheng.

And obviously, the first thing I wanted to do was to look for my app, and I think I found it. What do you think?

Noborizaka Icon

Noborizaka Wall

Sidenote: I am super, super excited for the Mango update. Pretty much every complaint or issue I'd have with the SDK is going to go away - direct access to camera/sensors (for much improved barcode scanning apps), local live tile updating (so that I don't have to keep my Azure web service whose sole purpose in life is to update Noborizaka live tiles), sockets support (so that I can get a Skype app), access to Contacts library (for Whatsapp), Live Agents (for alarm/reminders) - now if only they can release Mango in a timely and non-disastrous fashion, we might have a winner here...

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