Skritter: Day #913

15 July 2014

That's more than two years of which I spent on average 16.03 minutes a day practicing Chinese, with 1629 characters and 2369 words under my belt; so that puts me roughly around Level 5 in HSK terms.

According to the HSK, Level 5 is:

Designed for learners who can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, watch Chinese films and are capable of writing and delivering a lengthy speech in Chinese.

I remember walking down streets covered in indecipherable signage when I first arrived here in Taipei; and now, heading down the same paths being able to read every single word, takes me aback every time.

I think we can call my plan of moving to Taiwan + Skrittering to learn how to write Chinese a success!

無腦的笨紐西蘭男生可以來台灣,兩年後學到基本的中文程度 - 那你們也當然行! 大家一起加油!

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