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5 September 2012

Okay, so maybe assuming I will live to 100 is a little presumptuous. But still - I turn 25 today, and it's a very thought provoking milestone. When I was born, back in 1987:

  • Final Fantasy I was released
  • The Berlin Wall still separated East and West Germany
  • Microsoft released Windows 2.0

Now, in 2012:

  • We're up to Final Fantasy XIV
  • Germany is reunited, but Korea isn't
  • Windows 8 is slated to come out at the end of the year

So much has happened in 25 years. I've moved from Malaysia to New Zealand to Taiwan, been on three continents, the internet exploded and brought the world closer than ever before, I got two degrees at University, and we've bracketed the start and announced end of Jersey Shore...

Do I feel old? Objectively, yes.

But relatively, no.

Bring on the next 25! If my personal robot butler and jetpack hasn't become a reality by then...

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