Pro-tip: Resolving "Content Type Still In Use" Issues In SharePoint 2010

2 December 2011

If you're getting the following exception when trying to delete a content type ("Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: The content type is in use"), here's a quick checklist of things to check:

1) SPContentTypeUsages. Using SharePoint Manager, you should be able to see whether your content type is used on any lists or libraries, and you haven't removed them yet.

Content Type Usings

2) Make sure you remove all items from the User recycle bin:

User Recycle Bin

3) Make sure you remove all items from the Site Collection recycle bin (this is the step that I always used to miss out; sometimes also known as the second stage recycle bin):

Site Collection Recycle Bin

Only when you've tried all three and you're still getting the error can you then start thinking about possible corruption in the content database, but I really wish I'd thought of checking the second stage recycle bin a lot sooner...

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