Notes on America #2

20 May 2012

I'm pretty sure I'm falling in love with Seattle. It's only been a week, but I think at some stage I would relish an opportunity to come back and work for Microsoft.

Seattle and Auckland remind me of each other in a lot of ways. They both have:

  • Lots of nice scenery
  • Some form of tall, distinct tower with an observation deck
  • A Showgirls (lol)
  • Gaudy land/water vehicle "duck" tours (at least they don't make you do the YMCA on the Auckland one...or do they??)

Except that it snows in Seattle, snow, that magical weather I have yet to experience, and there seems to be more to do here. Maybe it's even good enough to make up for tipping / hidden sales taxes on all pricing...

And some other interesting things about USA in general:

  • The sizing for the coins is totally random. Why is the five cent coin larger than a dime? Why is the dime smaller than a penny?
  • Crossing timers here are much faster than in NZ. Must suck for old ladies!

So anyway, I did the whole touristy thing today, took a bus from Overlake where I'm staying, over to downtown Seattle and checked out Pike Place markets (including the first Starbucks ever), rode the monorail over to the EMP (which is definitely worth the $20 entry, some great exhibits and cool memorabilia in there, and it's just a damn cool building in general) and was going to go up the Space Needle, but there was a big queue and I was running a little low on cash, so....maybe next time!

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