(Not) Great Clips

13 May 2012

So before I flew out to Seattle I was going to get my hair cut at my local in Auckland but due to general laziness / the lure of having a haircut in America! The novelty! I went and got one today at a Great Clips...

and it sucked.

I'm sure it varies on whichever stylist you end up getting (and Yelp seems to think it's an okay place), but I ended up with an Asian lady with broken English and apparently little/no training. The only part of my hair I ended up liking after the cut was the front (and that's because I told her to leave it alone, essentially). Everything else looks like some bizarre hitler x bowlcut rounded cut.

This is the extent of the conversation I had with her:

"Are you a Microsoft Employee?" "No, I'm here doing some work for them though."

And the worst part of it all is that I tipped her. I really felt like not tipping, but it would be weird if the first time I would be expected to tip in America I didnt tip, so I did. But I'm never going back. There may or may not be an emergency hair repair cut in the future, but since I am also extremely lazy, this probably won't happen...

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