Nokia Lumia 800: First Impressions

19 December 2011

Traded my HTC Trophy for a Lumia 800 recently (imported from the UK, since they aren't slated to come out in New Zealand until sometime early next year), and I love this phone.


  • The screen - the blacks are really, really black and the livetiles especially and running in dark theme looks stunning
  • Gorilla glass looks and feels great
  • It's blue. (really sick of the sea of black phones, and white doesn't quite cut it, and neither does a case)
  • It's fast. Not majorly faster than the Trophy as far as I can tell, but it seems a little more fluid
  • Nokia Drive - apart from a few hiccups where the british lady within didn't realise we were on a flyover instead of the road below like she thought, the maps worked great, and it's a relief to not have to keep touching the screen to progress the GPS (are you listening, WP7 team? You've got to fix this...)


  • The screen - HTC's display didn't have a Pentile arrangement, but the lumia *does*; and I didn't really think I would have this much issue with it, but it's really hard to go from crisp hard edges, to the sort of fuzzy dithered look that the Lumia is prone to displaying, particularly when using the light theme.
  • I don't understand the bottom section of the phone - I think there's an antenna at the very bottom, but the capacitive buttons seem a little high from the base of the phone, and then there's a whole block of...unused stuff. My guess is that this is a hangover from the different screen resolution of the N9, but who knows

Is it worth the $880 I paid for it? Definitely. The only real issue I have with it, is the pentile; but I'm sure I'll get over it eventually, and it's a tradeoff I'm willing to have for a phone that looks designed and is well crafted; the usb port cover clicks on and off nicely with a little bit of magnet power, and the curved screen is sexy.

Nokia x Microsoft - looking forward to more! (And may your next phone not have PenTile.)

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