Nintex Workflow + Forms - Things To Check Before You Declare Your Migration As Successful

14 June 2012

So recently I migrated some Nintex Workflow and Forms stuff between environments, and I thought everything was kosher but some things broke along the way which I hadn't noticed until quite a bit later, and now I'm really not quite sure what's going to happen with it all...

But in any case, after you do your database backup/restores, make sure that in your new environment that you can:

1) Edit Task Forms with Nintex Forms directly in Nintex Workflow. 2) Use the Start Workflow action, with the "Wait until workflow is complete before continuing" option enabled.

I thought my environment had moved fine - but the above two things don't work for me (and who knows what else doesnt!) so if you have a spare minute or two, make sure those things work for you post-move.

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