Meet The Spartans: F-

8 September 2010

I made the horrifying mistake of attempting to watch this movie the other night. I know for a fact that spoof/parody films have gone decidedly downhill in quality since the heyday of Scary Movie, but I wasn't quite prepared for just how bad things had gotten.

With a lovely 2% on RottenTomatoes, it's a serious contender for the worst movie I've ever seen; no other movie has managed to make me hate it within the first five ninutes. It isn't actually funny at all - instead, it's just a whole bunch of lame pop culture references strung together in an unrelated and haphazard fashion. I also feel that any screenwriter who decides to fill the first five minutes of a movie with not one, not two but at least three "balls" jokes should be taken out to pasture and shot. (One ball joke was already too many in Transformers 2, and it barely got away with it - mainly cause the audience was distracted by Michael Bay slowmotion explosions)

The "celebrity lookalikes" they managed to get were also, really, really bad. Are we really supposed to believe that's Simon Cowell? He looks nothing like the guy...and neither did Britney Spears, or anyone else they were trying to make fun of.

This movie's only saving grace is that it's short - barely getting past an hour (but I promise you won't make it that far), and roughly 20 minutes of "credits and outtakes", filled with the jokes that didn't make the cut to a really bad movie. If a joke was cut from this movie, it's guaranteed bad.

Don't. Watch. This. Film.

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