It Turns Out It's Really Easy To Scam People

17 October 2012

If you use their second language :(

Yup, I fell victim to a scam / phishing thing today...terrible timing too, very busy day at work, already had plans for tomorrow, can't move the work, and then bam a pile of steaming fraud to deal with...

Moral of the story: even if it is from your uncle (whose account has been hacked and you don't know yet), if he's registering for anything and doesn't tell you what it's for, and then asks to borrow your phone to verify an authentication code, for a username that looks like "adlfkjae"....

It's probably not your uncle.

I wanna say no harm done, but the best I can go off is this article from someone who seems to have had the same trick pulled on them. It's pretty much the longest bit of Chinese I ever wished I could read fully.

I've emailed Yahoo and Ruten customer service, but I guess we'll see what my phone bill looks like soon enough :\

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