It's a white (Nokia Lumia 920) Christmas!

25 December 2012

Hope the festive season is treating everyone well! After being on preorder and waiting not-so-patiently from the 12th of December, Santa came through and my brand spanking new Lumia 920 arrived! I've been messing around with it pretty much nonstop since I got it, getting to learn and love all the new intricacies of the 920 compared to my previous 800:

1) It is nowhere near as heavy or bulky as all the reviews (like Pocketnow) would have you believe - the test shell I picked my phone colour from must also have been weighted wrong, because the 920 is a perfectly reasonable weight. I mean sure, its not as light as the 8X, but the difference is so irrelevant it shouldn't factor into anyone's purchasing decision.

2) they swapped the position of some of the keys on the soft keyboard in WP8; now we have a dedicated comma key, and the language switch has moved to the bottom left. This is amazing, because I used to hit that by accident all the time, so I'm glad they did this! (though if you're left handed perhaps you will disagree)

3) it is fast fast fast! The Facebook app used to take 10 seconds to load, now its maybe one or two.

4) the camera quality is pretty decent - it's a bit weird to have fewer settings /less control over it (or maybe there's no macro lens any more?), and the video is amazing. Low light performance is miles ahead of what I used to have.

In any case, the 920 was worth the wait.

And now I have a WP8 device I can dev on! (I tell myself that all the time so I can justify the purchase)

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