Happy Days

26 August 2010
“Well I thought that the most dreadful thing that could happen to anybody, would be not to be allowed to sleep so that just as you’re dropping off there’s be a ‘Dong’ and you’d have to keep awake; you’re sinking into the ground alive and it’s full of ants; and the sun is shining endlessly day and night and there is not a tree … there’s no shade, nothing, and that bell wakes you up all the time and all you’ve got is a little parcel of things to see you through life. And I thought who would cope with that and go down singing, only a woman.” - Samuel Beckett

Last night, I watched an incredible play - "Happy Days" by Samuel Beckett. I have it on good authority that watching any theatre written by Beckett is an instant ticket to being 900% more cultured, but it was genuinely an extremely engaging and powerful work of art.

Robyn Malcolm, of Outrageous Fortune fame, really shows off her acting chops - without the use of her lower body (and in the second act, with only her face), she brought the audience along with her on a ride across the wide gamut of emotions and generally interesting things...I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that it takes a very brave and extremely talented actor to be cast in the role of Winnie for this play and Robyn Malcolm certainly delivered.

Also, I had Giapo afterwards and that was pretty freakin' awesome. (mmm amaretti and pavlova gelato....)

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