Gotcha: ListView Control Only Paging Once (a.k.a How Did We Get Work Done Before The Internet)

10 September 2012

Here's the scenario:

I had a ListView control in a Visual Web Part running in SharePoint 2010 with a script manager on the page - but my List View would only display correctly on page load, and after one paging command, then no longer.

With the power of the internet, I came across a very similar situation and resolution online.

It turns out that while I checked everything in the ASP.NET pipeline, I had just assumed that because I was inserting this webpart into an existing site I'd be all set up for jQuery, but turns out I was getting script errors due to the missing jQuery reference.

So the moral of the story is - if you've got an Ajaxified control that's only paging once, check your page for script errors / javascript errors.

Yay for collective experience!

Tags: AJAX,, errors, ListView, paging, postback, script, WebPart

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