Creating a Windows Phone 7 Application in Five Hours

30 May 2011

I just proved it can be done, and it's ridiculously late in the morning, but I just had to finish! The app I created as a potential entry to a New Zealand competition (fingers crossed it passes certification before 6th June) is a Random Caption generator - you provide an image, and it'll load random text to caption your image via the REST API.

Some things I learnt along the way:

  • Picture.GetImage() doesn't seem to work on Windows Phone 7.0 (on my phone), but does seem to work on Windows Phone 7.1 (on the emulator)
  • In saying that, you can get the platform version number via System.Environment.OSVersion.Version

I'll have to retest this on a proper fully fledged Mango device once they go live, but I'm pretty happy with what I produced in 5 hours.

Tags: random caption, wp7

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