Chapter III: Taiwan

8 July 2012

Next week will feel a little weird. On Monday, instead of snoozing through my alarm for an hour and then dragging myself out of bed to prepare for work, I'll be sleeping.

I won't actually have work for the rest of the month, and it's not a holiday - I'm upending my life and moving to Taiwan!

In doing so, I leave my first real employer (Borders doesn't count / was not related to my degree / is no longer a real entity in New Zealand anyway) of more than three years, Provoke Solutions, which has been nothing less than a model workplace - challenging and rewarding work, amazingly smart and genuinely great people to work with. I leave this beautiful country and all my good friends and trade it in for a bit of MRT / night-market / hustle and bustle.

"Why Taiwan" is the question I'm being asked the most, and it comes down to a few things:

  1. Being that my mother was from Taiwan, I've visited the place for holidays a few times over the years, most recently a few years back for a month in CNY in 2011 - so while I don't know that many people there, I do have an aunt, uncles and cousin who live there.

  2. I've always wanted to learn to read and write Chinese more, but as amazing as Skritter is, it would be much easier if I was forced to actually practice Chinese literacy.

I'm really going to miss New Zealand, but in the same breath am really excited for Taiwan! No amount of political Schrodingerism, earthquakes or typhoons are going to stop me. Here's to an exciting, spontaneous and unknowable future :)

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