Almost there...

24 July 2012

Just to assure you I am still alive, I'm typing this from Singapore Airport. Which is, by the way, leagues better than LAX. (There's a LAN gaming room! PlayStation 3s! A movie room! Skytrains! 24 hour food places! Free wifi! Free internet!) Just one more crazy 1.15 am flight (which is really more like 4am if you take into account all the timezones I just crossed) and then the Taipei chapter will officially begin!

But to get here, we had to suffer through:

  • a ridiculously long check in queue at Auckland International Airport, because someone decided it would be a good idea to have one staff member checking everyone in. The queue literally went out the airport.
  • lovely lovely other people on planes; person behind staring through the space between seats to eavesdrop / watch our movie, people in front pushing their chairs back as soon as humanly possible in an attempt to squash the laptop screen, crazy hyperactive twin children yelling through it all, crazy holding pattern / weird landing (I guess at least the pilot wasn't txting)

However, we did find a power point in between our seats, so that was pretty good. Nowhere near enough to tip the balance though!

Can't wait to land, and shower and sleep.

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