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  • Submitting A WP7 Application Update

    If you're a Windows Phone 7 developer like me, and you've submitted (and successfully pushed through) an update for your application to the Marketplace but haven't been prompted to update your application in the marketplace, don't panic. This happened to me, and I was pretty worried that something had gone wrong, but it turns out that Application Update notifications don't happen at the same … more

  • WP7COMP Entry: Noborizaka

    Redgate (creators of the ever popular .NET Reflector and the SQL comparison tool whose name escapes me, for now) are currently running a Windows Phone 7 competition, for which I have submitted my app, Noborizaka. If me and some workmates get our gear together we might be able to pull off a second entry, but I didn't want the opportunity to pass by, at the very least for some more exposure for … more

  • Price This! Now Available

    My NZ Windows Phone Challenge competition entry application has now been accepted to the marketplace! It did take quite a while for GeoTrust to validate my identity and such, but now that's all sorted and it's available to download here. Many thanks go out to Mat Velloso at Microsoft New Zealand for his support to all the competition entrants! I've also been working on fixing a few bugs with … more

  • Mutants Are Swarming My Apartment

    Good thing I bought Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst for Windows Phone 7; allowing me to turn my apartment building into a heavily fortified base with a mortar launcher, machine gun turrets, flamethrower and duck bomber. It's very hard to get me to part with my money, but the team at Ruffian Games have done so; for $2.99 US (or $4.99 NZ) it is a fantastic game, and a must buy for anyone who has a … more

  • Pro Tip: WP7 Radio Speaker Mode

    Much to my delight, I recently learnt that you can use any unshielded headphones as the antenna for phone radios. (Up until then, I had always thought you needed to use the provided headphones, believing they were coated in a magical radio fairy dust...) This is great, as it means I can use my favored Sony clip-on headphones, instead of the HTC in-ear ones that came with. It's probably just me … more

  • More Noborizaka Press

    Noborizaka has gotten a few mentions here and there around the interwebs, making it onto a list of the top ten productivity apps on BrightHub, as well as a list of the best WP7 productivity apps on Pocket Lint. I should really start looking into v2 of the application - mainly a few bugfixes (exp. progress bar not updating/binding properly, really long action names laid out badly in reward … more

  • Windows Phone 7 Goodness

    My Price This application got a mention on Mat Velloso's blog, which you can find here. Also listed are a bunch of other cool WP7 apps; the Today on TVNZ and Auckland Transits in particular are fantastic apps in my humble opinion, and I'll be grabbing them when they get released to the marketplace. I also now have my Windows Phone t-shirt which I am wearing right now, yes, right now, as well as … more

  • Windows Phone 7 - Check For Network/Internet Connectivity In Code

    Short and sweet - if your WP7 application relies on the internet or a web service, there's a simple method you can call to check that you can get online before continuing. //using Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkInformation; if(NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable()) { //call your web service / internet stuff here } Pro tip - this doesn't seem to work properly on the WP7 emulator as it … more

  • Price This! - A Windows Phone 7 Game

    As part of the New Zealand Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Challenge, I built a game that uses the TradeMe API. You can check out a screencast video here, but since I don't actually have a developer account I can't submit it for certification or deploy it to my phone... Some of the other TradeMe apps being built for the competition sound pretty awesome - a work colleague built an achievements overlay … more

  • A weekend with Windows Phone 7

    So I've had my Windows Phone 7 for a couple of days now, and I love it. I went with the HTC Trophy over the LG Optimus (which are the only two available in New Zealand), mainly because I despise hardware keyboards, and I felt the Optimus looked ugly. Things like 16GB over 8GB of storage don't really impress me - I used to have a 40GB iPod, and when I moved from that to a 1GB shuffle, I honestly … more

  • New Zealand's...Second? Windows Phone 7 Application

    May very well be mine! Just heard the word that my app, Noborizaka, just made it through certification! That means it's now on the marketplace, listed under the Productivity section. There's still heaps of room for improvements and upgrades, but the launch day for Windows Phone 7 was fast approaching (next Thursday, 21st October - the Old Spice guy might even be going to Australia to promote … more

  • New Zealand's First Windows Phone 7 Application

    Developed at my work, the NZRU All Blacks app passed certification and is the first NZ application available on the Windows Phone marketplace, worldwide! Very, very exciting. I did do a little bit of work on it (which didn't make it to the final app), but most of the work was done by the very talented team in the Provoke Wellington office. My own app, the lightweight activity tracker with RPG … more

  • This Is My App

    There's nothing like actually having it run on an actual phone...five weeks of hard work are paying big dividends! Going to run it all day tomorrow to see if I can spot some more usability holes. As for the Windows Phone 7 device itself, I'm not entirely sure how much I can say about it considering it is a developer phone and not one that will ever reach the market - however, my impression of … more

  • Windows Phone 7 - Hide Software Keyboard Programmatically

    When a user clicks into a TextBox in WP7, the software keyboard automatically slides up from the bottom of the screen (if you don't have a hardware keyboard, at least). Once the TextBox loses focus (such as when the user clicks on the page itself), the keyboard slides out of view. Therefore, if you want to hide the keyboard in response to, say, the enter key being pressed on the keyboard, you … more

  • Cropping Images in Windows Phone 7

    Recently I had to do some work in cropping an image programmatically through Windows Phone 7, and while it's not hard, it wasn't immediately obvious how to do it, so I thought I would share. While the Clip property does seem to crop images, the image still remains its original size, making it not a true "crop". Instead, we'll use the WriteableBitmap class found as part of Silverlight. … more

  • Windows Phone 7 ListBoxItem Full Horizontal Fill

    Dear Windows Phone 7, Why is it not enough to set the HorizontalContentAlignment to Stretch on ListBox.ItemContainerStyle in order to allow my ListBoxItems stretch and fill the available space? It apparently works with Silverlight 3. <ListBox.ItemContainerStyle> <Style TargetType="ListBoxItem"> <Setter Property="HorizontalContentAlignment" Value="Stretch"/> < … more

  • Windows Phone 7 - Isolated Storage and Persistance

    Recently, I've added persistence / data storage to my Windows Phone 7 application, making it infinitely more useful and it wasn't as hard as I expected. In Windows Phone 7, there's two kinds of storage. Firstly, there's the State property bag which you can access from PhoneApplicationService.Current.State. However, as far as I know, this State bag is not saved when the phone is turned off, so … more

  • Windows Phone 7 Application Bar and Commanding

    I just spent an hour reading about MVVM, which is making my head hurt (I think I have it down now though; View -> View Model -> Model), but now it turns out that because the Application Bar isn't a native Silverlight control, you can't do commanding and I can't use some of that delicious goodness I just read about. Awesome! more