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  • WebBrowserControl and WebBrowserTask not matching?

    Was debugging a very interesting issue today - had an app that was loading a website, that was working on a Nokia Lumia 710 (aside - which looks and feels a lot better in the hand than it does in pictures; its not as plasticy or budget as I imagined) but not displaying correctly on a Lumia 800. However, if the website was loaded directly, either using a WebBrowserTask or just in IE itself, it … more

  • Sterling DB vs SQL CE in Windows Phone Development

    Just a quick note for everyone weighing up between Sterling DB and SQL CE for your Windows Phone app - while Sterling DB is fantastic for small sets of data, it performs very, very poorly with bulk inserts / restore (a few minutes when we hit the hundreds of rows mark), which makes it unsuitable for any large tables. The SQL CE support in Mango, while slightly slower on queries, is much more … more

  • Wuxie: Sneak Preview

    Working on my next Windows Phone 7 app - here's the very first screenshot! This time round I'm trying a few new things - I did a design document (instead of making up all my classes and pages on the fly, I've actually got a plan, which is handy), and I'm using NotifyPropertyWeaver - which is awesome! Yes - I know the word card above is totally wrong - it's just dummy data for layout purposes, … more

  • Applying Image Filters In Windows Phone 7

    I've been working on another app for WP7 (pumping them out like clockwork! Playing catchup to Apple / Google is kind of fun...) which is essentially aiming to be a Polaroid camera clone - so you take a picture, virtual camera spits it out, and you shake the photo to "develop" it. As part of this app, images taken with the camera get a "lomo" sort of look, you know, the hipstery kind of … more

  • New WP7 Application - Learn NZSL

    Hope the new year is treating everyone well! I've just finished my latest wp7 application - it's a handy little mobile app that allows you to search the NZSL online site for sign language words in NZSL and easily share them; you can check it out with the link below: New things I learned for wp7 were how to use the SLAT ( … more

  • Nokia Lumia 800: First Impressions

    Traded my HTC Trophy for a Lumia 800 recently (imported from the UK, since they aren't slated to come out in New Zealand until sometime early next year), and I love this phone. Pros The screen - the blacks are really, really black and the livetiles especially and running in dark theme looks stunning Gorilla glass looks and feels great It's blue. (really sick of the sea of black … more

  • WP7 Tip - Binding Issues When Switching Pages Via Application Bar

    Binding in WP7 is awesome - you pay a little bit of upfront plumbing / set up / development time, and everything just works together super nice. But sometimes, it doesn't quite go to plan, and one example I came across recently was a page where I had multiple TextBox controls with two way bindings to a view model. Most of it worked properly, but if you entered a text box, inputted some text and … more

  • Retrieving Contact Information In WP7.1 (Async/Sync Goodness)

    Over the last few days I've come up with another application that I'd love to make, and a small part of it involves retrieving contact details. As part of the Mango update, one of the new APIs provided by Microsoft is the contacts API, falling under the Microsoft.Phone.UserData namespace. This is awesome, except that because the contact search method is only provided asynchronously, I was having … more

  • WP7 Mango Rolling Out

    Although since I've been on the developer beta for a while, it doesn't really feel all that different - it's nice to have the official bits though, and I'm sure everyone who's going from NoDo to Mango is going to be super excited! On the WP7 front, Noborizaka has been updated but there was a slight hiccup with the publishing so it should be rolling out worldwide this space! more

  • WP7 - Upgrading Your App From 7.0 to Mango (AppHub x NeutralLanguageResource)

    A quick tip - the Marketplace Test Kit doesn't seem to catch this, but when uploading to AppHub, you need to ensure that all your assemblies have the NeutralResourceLanguage attribute set. This is a new requirement in Mango, presumably to handle all of the new languages and cultures that come as part of the update. Take a look at Step 3 of the guidance here, or alternatively, just add the … more

  • WP7: Generate Live Tile Images Locally (Without The Visual Tree)

    When updating your live tiles locally, if you've tried creating .jpgs programmatically using the WritableBitmap(UIElement) constructor you may have come across issues using complex UIElements like StackPanels or multiple elements. The main issue I had was one where the elements would just overlap each other and not actually stack or render in a manner they would if they were in the Visual Tree. … more

  • WP7: How To Add Analytics Without Any Code With Dotfuscator

    Been thinking about adding some analytics to Noborizaka just so I can get a little bit more visibility around how it's being used and other data that'll help me improve it; and my first attempt at integrating analytics was with the MSAF (Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework). To my dismay, it turns out that MSAF is not currently compatible with I needed another solution. Enter … more

  • WP7: Upgrading Your App From 7.0 to Mango (FAS / Tombstoning)

    While upgrading an existing Windows Phone 7.0 application to Mango and all its multitasking and performance improvement glory is a pretty easy task (simply go to the Project properties and change the target from Windows Phone 7.0 to Windows Phone 7.1), there are a few things you need to watch out for when upgrading that you might have to fix manually. One of the bugs I came across in Noborizaka … more

  • WP7: Updating Live Tiles Locally In Mango

    As you'll no doubt be aware if you've been looking at any of the information around Mango released over the past few months, there's a large number of additional APIs available in the upcoming update release to Windows Phone 7. One of the ones I'm very excited for is the ability to update the live tile for your application locally! This means that for Noborizaka, I no longer have to host an Azure … more

  • Noborizaka is not dead...

    Just sleeping :( I do also know that it is still mistakenly listed under the Games category on the Marketplace, but as it's published through my work's MSDN account, there's a little bit (not much) of bureaucracy to get it republished... At the very minimum you can expect a version for Mango with the performance/multi-tasking improvements. Watch this space! (And thanks for all your support so … more

  • WP7 Mango Beta Is Delicious

    I've been running the Developer Beta 2 preview on my WP7 for a few days now, and I can safely say that it is a massive step forward for Microsoft. There's a ton of stuff out there on the internet, but just some of the features that I absolutely love: Quick Calendar Entry WP7 boasts one of the best mobile calendar apps out there (infinitely better than the crappy Calendar app on the iPad, for … more

  • Creating a Windows Phone 7 Application in Five Hours

    I just proved it can be done, and it's ridiculously late in the morning, but I just had to finish! The app I created as a potential entry to a New Zealand competition (fingers crossed it passes certification before 6th June) is a Random Caption generator - you provide an image, and it'll load random text to caption your image via the REST API. Some things I learnt along the way: … more

  • The Great Wall of WP7 Apps

    So, apparently at MIX '11, Microsoft covered three walls with every single app in the Marketplace to date. While the one Apple had at the WWDC conference in 2009 does sound awesomer, it's still pretty awesome that they did so. You can find some high resolution shots here and here, courtesy of Long Zheng. And obviously, the first thing I wanted to do was to look for my app, and I think I found it. … more

  • Windows Phone 7 - ContextMenu and ListBoxes

    The Silverlight Windows Phone Toolkit makes it trivially easy to add a context menu to most Windows Phone 7 controls; all you need to do, really, is add the attached dependency property to the control you want to target with the long-hold gesture, and you're done. So if you're looking to add a context menu for items within a list box, you just need to include it as part of the list item template, … more

  • A Lot Of Windows 7 Goodness

    Mobile World Congress is happening at the moment, and it's really exciting in terms of what's being announced for WP7, including: IE9 for WP7, with native hardware acceleration - watch the WP7 totally outperform the iPhone; granted at Microsoft's own test, but still... Full Multitasking (including fast app switching and third-party music multitasking - hello Pandora!) Twitter support for the … more