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  • A few things you need to know if you're taking the Caledonian Sleeper train...

    Over Easter, I took a quick impromptu holiday break from London to Edinburgh. Being a last minute sort of deal, most flights and train tickets were pretty expensive, but I managed to get a few seats on the sleeper train departing Euston around midnight and arriving in Scotland the following morning at around 7am. Sounds great right? Now that I've experienced the trip there (and back), a few … more

  • To America!

    Land of the free and land of the brave! I'm heading over to the United States (Seattle/Redmond, specifically) for a month for a work project, and I'm not going to lie - I'm very excited to discover the land that came up with such great things such as the internet, Carl's Jr, deep fried cheesecake and grunge music. On my list of to dos is watching a Mariners game (check), visiting Fremont's statue … more

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