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  • SP2010 SPF Workflow Part 4: ASPX Task Forms

    So it turns out even after you port the xsn files generated from SharePoint designer across into your Visual Studio solution, if you've renamed the fields in the Task Content Types, there's no real way to modify or update the .xsn files without InfoPath. So instead, I went down the path of creating my own custom task forms (making all the .xsn porting pain I did yesterday irrelevant, but that's … more

  • SPD2010 Workflow Packaging Part 3: Custom Task Forms

    Following on from the previous two posts, here's another thing that you might have to do in order to get your workflow working correctly, if you've used any custom task forms or "Collect Data from User" actions. Many thanks to Benjamin Hutting and his blog post that pointed me in the right direction! What you'll find is that you will have deployed your workflow and everything is fine, until you … more

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