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  • Running A Instance Locally On Your Machine is (as the name suggests) a prerendering service to allow Javascript-heavy websites and SPAs to be crawled by search engines. Recently, I've had some weird rendering issues with the pages it was caching so I wanted to do a bit of debugging. It turns out you can actually run the Prerender server locally on node.js as it's all open sourced! All it takes is a few steps, as outlined here: … more

  • Why Is Url Not The Same As RawUrl On My HttpRequest (Adventures in

    Merry Christmas / Happy New Year! Now that the holiday break is unfortunately over, back into the swing of things and good old hard work. Working on implementing using the rather old (but does-the-job) MVC HttpModule on GitHub; I got it to a stage where was working for the home page but no other pages on the site. A bit of debugging later, I noticed that the Url had … more

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