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  • Gotcha: ListView Control Only Paging Once (a.k.a How Did We Get Work Done Before The Internet)

    Here's the scenario: I had a ListView control in a Visual Web Part running in SharePoint 2010 with a script manager on the page - but my List View would only display correctly on page load, and after one paging command, then no longer. With the power of the internet, I came across a very similar situation and resolution online. It turns out that while I checked everything in the ASP.NET … more

  • Pro-Tip: Fixing Postback Issues on Default / Home pages in Kentico

    I recently came across a weird issue where on a specific page, search functionality wasn't working (but was fine on all other pages) - when the search buttons were pressed, the page would just reload as if nothing happened. If this is happening to you, it might be a web.config / IIS7 configuration issue related to the default root for a site; a good way to test this is to check if closing preview … more

  • Disabling Additional Form Validation In Sharepoint 2010

    This problem cost me about four hours of my life, and lots of tedious debugging in Firebug (what I would do without Firebug in my everyday development work, I am not quite sure...) The issue that I had was in a custom ASP.NET control hosted in Sharepoint that had a download file button. Prior to downloading a file, everything works as expected and all javascript calls proceed as per usual. … more

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