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  • Windows 8 Store Woes

    I should have known from previous experience with TradeMetro, but trying to get my second app through has been extremely annoying :( I feel exactly like this guy (though to his credit I haven't quite spent two months...yet) Surely it can't be that hard for MS to do all the tests at once instead of dripfeeding them to me in error after error... And apparently, I've got some issue with the media … more

  • More Noborizaka Press

    Noborizaka has gotten a few mentions here and there around the interwebs, making it onto a list of the top ten productivity apps on BrightHub, as well as a list of the best WP7 productivity apps on Pocket Lint. I should really start looking into v2 of the application - mainly a few bugfixes (exp. progress bar not updating/binding properly, really long action names laid out badly in reward … more

  • New Zealand's...Second? Windows Phone 7 Application

    May very well be mine! Just heard the word that my app, Noborizaka, just made it through certification! That means it's now on the marketplace, listed under the Productivity section. There's still heaps of room for improvements and upgrades, but the launch day for Windows Phone 7 was fast approaching (next Thursday, 21st October - the Old Spice guy might even be going to Australia to promote … more

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