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  • Using async and LINQ to SQL? Don't forget to Lock!

    I've been chugging along with Noborizaka 2, at a slowish pace (life is hard, okay, there's lots of night markets to visit!) So I'm going all-out bestpractice and lovely new hotness with this version, and before today I had it going pretty well with PCL (so I can spin up a Win 8 version in the future, faster), and using async for minimal UI blockages... And then I started getting errors when … more

  • Cross Process Threading, Synchronization, EventWaitHandles and Mutexes

    As a programmer who normally does websites and non-complicated things, I've been working on a cool / crazy / complex solution which involves multiple processes and a lot of moving parts. So I thought I'd share some of the gotchas that I came across while trying to do two things: 1) Cross Process Thread Signaling If you need a thread to pause until another thread (on another process) has … more

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