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  • WP7: Generate Live Tile Images Locally (Without The Visual Tree)

    When updating your live tiles locally, if you've tried creating .jpgs programmatically using the WritableBitmap(UIElement) constructor you may have come across issues using complex UIElements like StackPanels or multiple elements. The main issue I had was one where the elements would just overlap each other and not actually stack or render in a manner they would if they were in the Visual Tree. … more

  • WP7: Updating Live Tiles Locally In Mango

    As you'll no doubt be aware if you've been looking at any of the information around Mango released over the past few months, there's a large number of additional APIs available in the upcoming update release to Windows Phone 7. One of the ones I'm very excited for is the ability to update the live tile for your application locally! This means that for Noborizaka, I no longer have to host an Azure … more

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