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  • WP7: Generate Live Tile Images Locally (Without The Visual Tree)

    When updating your live tiles locally, if you've tried creating .jpgs programmatically using the WritableBitmap(UIElement) constructor you may have come across issues using complex UIElements like StackPanels or multiple elements. The main issue I had was one where the elements would just overlap each other and not actually stack or render in a manner they would if they were in the Visual Tree. … more

  • Cropping Images in Windows Phone 7

    Recently I had to do some work in cropping an image programmatically through Windows Phone 7, and while it's not hard, it wasn't immediately obvious how to do it, so I thought I would share. While the Clip property does seem to crop images, the image still remains its original size, making it not a true "crop". Instead, we'll use the WriteableBitmap class found as part of Silverlight. … more

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