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  • SPGridView Deep Dive: Custom Filter Menu Values

    Over the last few days, I've learnt far more about SPGridView than I'd ever wanted to know, and here's a gnarly case I worked out and thought I'd share the knowledge! As a base, I'm hoping you've set up a fully functioning SPGridView with custom sort and paging - that's covered via a combination of my previous blog posts on SPGridViews and maybe this guide to the ObjectDataSource itself. If you' … more

  • Applying Image Filters In Windows Phone 7

    I've been working on another app for WP7 (pumping them out like clockwork! Playing catchup to Apple / Google is kind of fun...) which is essentially aiming to be a Polaroid camera clone - so you take a picture, virtual camera spits it out, and you shake the photo to "develop" it. As part of this app, images taken with the camera get a "lomo" sort of look, you know, the hipstery kind of … more

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