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  • Orchard CMS: Conditional Field Rendering

    Following the theme of "wow, that should be easy, but it's not as fast or easy as you'd think", here's my post / answer to the question "How can I show / hide a field on a content type based on the value of another field"? If you've read about shapes in Orchard, and how they combine with the file to generate the output of your page, you'll quickly realise that what you really want … more

  • Orchard CMS: Adding a field to a custom content type in your module / migrations.cs

    While it sounds simple, I didn't quite find all the documentation I needed in once place, and there were a few gotchas, so I thought I'd make a post (if only for my own future reference). A few notes on fields, content types and content parts before we continue: When we add a field to a content type via the Admin Interface in Orchard, it looks nice and independent, but in the background all … more

  • SharePoint Deployment Error - Activate Features / Invalid Field Name

    Just a quick tip - if you ever get an error message like this while attempting to deploy your SharePoint solution: Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': Invalid field name. {a41610db-0111-461c-8280-da6d0e28709d} One thing to check is that you've actually specified the Name property for your Field References - I had <FieldRef ID="{A41610DB-0111-461C-8280-DA6D0E28709D}" … more

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