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  • Azure / Microsoft Cloud: Strike Four...

    Azure has been having a string of reliability issues lately: Global VM and storage outage worldwide (with EU region being the longest affected) VSO outage We had an issue with Azure Websites and being unable to swap two deployment slots, with extremely poor support and time to resolution / SLA VSO outage, again Within a month or so, I've seen more issues on Azure since its inception. I'm not … more

  • Lessons To Learn From Diablo III Launch

    If you don't use Azure / some kind of scalable cloud service, you crazy. If you don't want a foaming mass of angry people posting on your forums, do more than just "hey servers offline for maintenance bye". Apparently, paying for a game and then not being able to play it is suddenly now coming under the category of "entitled" and "spoilt". All I want is some sweet sweet left click action! … more

  • How To Get Me To Not Vote For You

    Step 1: Somehow obtain a list of previous people who have lived at my current address. Step 2: Find the most bizarre combination of our names, and put it into a letter. Step 3: Send me that letter. If you can't run your mail merge program, I'm pretty sure you can't run Auckland. more

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