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  • Gotcha: ListView Control Only Paging Once (a.k.a How Did We Get Work Done Before The Internet)

    Here's the scenario: I had a ListView control in a Visual Web Part running in SharePoint 2010 with a script manager on the page - but my List View would only display correctly on page load, and after one paging command, then no longer. With the power of the internet, I came across a very similar situation and resolution online. It turns out that while I checked everything in the ASP.NET … more

  • Nintex Workflow + Forms - Things To Check Before You Declare Your Migration As Successful

    So recently I migrated some Nintex Workflow and Forms stuff between environments, and I thought everything was kosher but some things broke along the way which I hadn't noticed until quite a bit later, and now I'm really not quite sure what's going to happen with it all... But in any case, after you do your database backup/restores, make sure that in your new environment that you can: 1) Edit … more

  • Pro-tip: Resolving "Content Type Still In Use" Issues In SharePoint 2010

    If you're getting the following exception when trying to delete a content type ("Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: The content type is in use"), here's a quick checklist of things to check: 1) SPContentTypeUsages. Using SharePoint Manager, you should be able to see whether your content type is used on any lists or libraries, and you haven't removed them yet. 2) Make sure you remove all items … more

  • SharePoint Deployment Error - Activate Features / Invalid Field Name

    Just a quick tip - if you ever get an error message like this while attempting to deploy your SharePoint solution: Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': Invalid field name. {a41610db-0111-461c-8280-da6d0e28709d} One thing to check is that you've actually specified the Name property for your Field References - I had <FieldRef ID="{A41610DB-0111-461C-8280-DA6D0E28709D}" … more

  • InfoPath Validation And The Errors Property

    When developing InfoPath forms, sometimes doing your validation using rules in the designer isn't quite powerful enough. Luckily for us, InfoPath allows you to hook into the Validation event for controls within your form; but here's something to watch out for. When developing a form that attempts to access the Errors property of the current form from within a Validation event, although it will … more

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