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  • Looking Into Azure Diagnostics Logs The Right Way

    Talking about the Azure Diagnostics Logs - these are the WADLogsTable you can set up to trace errors, info and warning messages, etc. as described here. Setting up the logging is one thing, but reading the logs to diagnose an issue is another, and it turns out I've been doing it wrong all this time. I was selecting the output of the logs based on the Timestamp column, but there's two things … more

  • Configuring Tracing For A Windows Azure Role

    Aaaah! I can't believe how long this took me to work out :( It doesn't really help that the information is spread around a billion different pieces on MSDN and what not. But enough excuses! Here's what I think the steps are (and because I clearly am not a genius, feel free to improve this instruction set) What we want Tracing (ie calls to System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteInformation("hello") to be … more

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