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  • Manually Export SPD 2010 Reusable Workflow To Visual Studio 2010

    This post is part one of five around SharePoint Designer workflow deployments. Part Two (deprecated - no longer applicable) Part Three (custom task forms: infopath) Part Four (custom task forms: aspx/ascx) Part Five (listids) SharePoint Designer 2010 comes with a lot of improvements around Workflow creation and management, and one of the better new features are Reusable Workflows, allowing … more

  • SharePoint Deployment Error - Activate Features / Invalid Field Name

    Just a quick tip - if you ever get an error message like this while attempting to deploy your SharePoint solution: Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': Invalid field name. {a41610db-0111-461c-8280-da6d0e28709d} One thing to check is that you've actually specified the Name property for your Field References - I had <FieldRef ID="{A41610DB-0111-461C-8280-DA6D0E28709D}" … more

  • VS2010 SharePoint Projects: Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution'

    The inbuilt Visual Studio 2010/Sharepoint 2010 tooling has improved significantly since the WSS 3.0 days, but there are still quite a few annoyances that crop up from time to time. One error which you might encounter is the following, when you are attempting to deploy what is otherwise a perfect solution: Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution': Value cannot be null. Parameter name: s … more

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