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  • MVC Model Binding: Complex Objects and Collections

    Also known as "Why is my ViewModel returning null values to my HttpPost action?" The answer is at the very bottom if you feel like skipping straight to it. Let's say for example you have the following ViewModel and classes: public class MyViewModel { public ComplexObject MyComplexObject { get; set; } public int Value { get; set; } public IEnumerable<ComplexObject> … more

  • WP7 Tip - Binding Issues When Switching Pages Via Application Bar

    Binding in WP7 is awesome - you pay a little bit of upfront plumbing / set up / development time, and everything just works together super nice. But sometimes, it doesn't quite go to plan, and one example I came across recently was a page where I had multiple TextBox controls with two way bindings to a view model. Most of it worked properly, but if you entered a text box, inputted some text and … more

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