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  • Strong Naming Assemblies For Sharepoint Part 2: Updating Specific Version References

    Without access to the source code for assemblies, you can add sign / add strong names for them for use in SharePoint via ildasm and ilasm (for which the instructions I previously wrote about). However, consider the scenario where: Assembly A (unsigned) has a reference to a specific version of Assembly B (also unsigned). I tried going the regular ilasm route, but Visual Studio kept complaining … more

  • Signing Compiled Assemblies To Meet Sharepoint's Strong Name Requirements

    Recently been working on some SharePoint stuff which required using a few external libraries - and as you may well know, SharePoint requires you to have strong named assemblies (ie, signed) for them to be deployed to the GAC. So what happens if you're given a compiled .dll, but not the source? Turns out that with a bit of command line / dev tool magic, you can decompile and recompile (with key) … more

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