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  • Build Apps. Don't Stop.

    So, there have been quite a few "build an app, win x" competitions around Windows Phone recently. And while, yes, probably one of the driving factors behind this is so that Microsoft can tout amazing marketplace growth numbers, there is quite an interesting yet obvious side effect of this - I am getting better at developing WP7 apps. Or by better, I just mean, I know more - every single one I've … more

  • Windows Phone Dev: Multiple DataTemplates In One ListBox

    I've been putting the finishing touches on Wuxie, and one of the elements I needed was an Achievements list, with a different display for locked and unlocked achievements. While I could have written a whole bunch of converters to detect the appropriate settings, etc; a much cleaner way I came across was to implement a DataTemplateSelector, which essentially serves different Data Templates … more

  • Excel 2010 and Unicode CSV files

    As part of Wuxie, I'm creating (or rather, compiling from the internet) a number of different resources to include in the application to populate the word database. So I have a whole bunch of nice .xls spreadsheets with all the characters and information in UTF-8; but someone, for some reason, decided that any time you save a spreadsheet to a .csv, it would force the encoding back to ANSI and you' … more

  • Wuxie: Sneak Preview

    Working on my next Windows Phone 7 app - here's the very first screenshot! This time round I'm trying a few new things - I did a design document (instead of making up all my classes and pages on the fly, I've actually got a plan, which is handy), and I'm using NotifyPropertyWeaver - which is awesome! Yes - I know the word card above is totally wrong - it's just dummy data for layout purposes, … more

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