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  • SP2010 SPF Workflow Part 5: List ID Lookups The Proper MS Way

    Finally after a couple of days of pain, I've got the end to end workflow which can be modified in SPD, and can be deployed to any site regardless of List/ListID...and here's the two biggest gotchas I encountered. Make sure you are developing your workflows on the same version of SP as the target environment – SPD is smart/crazy enough to generate .xsn task forms if you are connected to a SP2010 … more

  • SP2010 SPF Workflow Part 4: ASPX Task Forms

    So it turns out even after you port the xsn files generated from SharePoint designer across into your Visual Studio solution, if you've renamed the fields in the Task Content Types, there's no real way to modify or update the .xsn files without InfoPath. So instead, I went down the path of creating my own custom task forms (making all the .xsn porting pain I did yesterday irrelevant, but that's … more

  • SPD2010 Workflow Packaging Part 3: Custom Task Forms

    Following on from the previous two posts, here's another thing that you might have to do in order to get your workflow working correctly, if you've used any custom task forms or "Collect Data from User" actions. Many thanks to Benjamin Hutting and his blog post that pointed me in the right direction! What you'll find is that you will have deployed your workflow and everything is fine, until you … more

  • Manually Export SPD 2010 Reusable Workflow To Visual Studio 2010

    This post is part one of five around SharePoint Designer workflow deployments. Part Two (deprecated - no longer applicable) Part Three (custom task forms: infopath) Part Four (custom task forms: aspx/ascx) Part Five (listids) SharePoint Designer 2010 comes with a lot of improvements around Workflow creation and management, and one of the better new features are Reusable Workflows, allowing … more

  • Nintex Workflow Pro Tip: Hiding The Workflow Diagram on Initiation Forms

    Whenever you run a workflow, Nintex displays a diagram of the workflow on the right side as part of the initiation form - in most cases, this is great as it serves as a quick visual reminder of what workflow you're about to kick off. However, if you really want to hide everything on here, the only way to do this is to customize the InitiationForm. If you take a look at the url of the browser, … more

  • Nintex Workflow Pro-Tip: Updating Publishing HTML Fields

    Super, super busy here in Manila, but this was a bit of a gotcha so I thought I'd share: If you're looking to update a list item with a publishing html field, don't use the text box in Update Item action directly, as it will html encode all the angle brackets in your html and generally not work as you'd probably want it to. Instead, you need use the build string action to build your html and … more

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