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  • Windows Store App Gotcha: Background Audio Tasks, Media Elements and AutoPlay

    Remember a few posts back, when I was talking about how to simulate suspend events because my online radio app wasn't passing the WACK? It turned out that it's not really anything to do with the suspend or resume code I wrote, but that having a Background Audio Task / MediaElement with AutoPlay="true" causes the WACK to fail that test, all the time. It also turns out that people have already … more

  • Pro-Tip: Accessing The Current Page From App.xaml.cs For Windows Store Apps

    Quick tip for anyone looking to access the current page from App in a Windows 8 Metro XAML/C# app; the full path you need to traverse is: Get the Window.Current.Content, which is the Frame object assigned in App.xaml.cs in the OnLaunched() method The Frame's Content will be your current page (you can test this, eg ((Frame)Window.Current.Content) is MainPage) more

  • Pro-Tip: How To Simulate A Suspend Event For A Windows 8 Store App

    Or is that Windows 8 Metro App? Or Windows 8 NUI App? I really wish there was one clear term that isn't a combination of words that easily messes with search engine results to look for Windows 8 app dev hints. (I know it's not Metro anymore, but I kind of wish it was, since searching for Metro generally gives better results than a generic word like Store) Anyway, where was I? Simulating a … more

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