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  • Selected Item States For LongListSelector In Windows Phone 8

    Adding to the pile of "something that should be really easy but is not", it seems like there isn't a simple way of adding selected item states (ie, highlight an item with a border when it's selected) when you're using the native LongListSelector in Windows Phone 8. Unlike the ListBox control, there aren't any default "selected item" Visual States in the DataTemplate for you to override, and … more

  • Using async and LINQ to SQL? Don't forget to Lock!

    I've been chugging along with Noborizaka 2, at a slowish pace (life is hard, okay, there's lots of night markets to visit!) So I'm going all-out bestpractice and lovely new hotness with this version, and before today I had it going pretty well with PCL (so I can spin up a Win 8 version in the future, faster), and using async for minimal UI blockages... And then I started getting errors when … more

  • Portable Class Libraries - Shared Core for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Apps

    I'm a little late to the party, but I started looking into creating a new WP8 the other day, and figured I'd try and make it as reusable as possible for a possible Win 8 port - and Portable Class Libraries, something that used to be an extension is now fully baked into Visual Studio 2012. Basically, PCL projects allow you to share code between disparate technologies - Windows Phone, Silverlight, … more

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