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  • It's a white (Nokia Lumia 920) Christmas!

    Hope the festive season is treating everyone well! After being on preorder and waiting not-so-patiently from the 12th of December, Santa came through and my brand spanking new Lumia 920 arrived! I've been messing around with it pretty much nonstop since I got it, getting to learn and love all the new intricacies of the 920 compared to my previous 800: 1) It is nowhere near as heavy or bulky as … more

  • Two-Way Binding and Deactivating Windows Phone Apps

    I'm not 100% sure on this, but for Windows Phone development it seems like if you have a textbox with two-way binding, it's not guaranteed to hit the setter for your property if you exit the app. At least, this is what I figured after the n-th time debugging my app, which was working fine if you left the page normally, but was not persisting changes to database if the app was exited via the … more

  • WP7 To Windows 8 / WinRT: The Equivalent Of WebBrowserTask

    A brief but quick tip for any Windows Phone developers out there moving/porting some applications across to Windows 8 / Metro Apps / WinRT; if you need to open a link in a browser, we don't have WebBrowserTasks any more: instead, you're using the Windows.System.Launcher namespace. Here's an example: Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new Uri("", UriKind.Absolute)); Note that this … more

  • How to fix "KB2669191 does not apply" error when upgrading to WP7 SDK 7.1.1

    While trying to upgrade to the latest drop of the WP7 SDK (which includes the "Tango" emulator), I was shown an error stating that KB2669191 didn't apply to me. It turns out that I was running the 7.1 RC SDK, but needed the 7.1 RTW SDK - you'll need to uninstall the RC, reinstall the RTW then attempt to install the KB patch to get to 7.1.1. Will be great to check all my apps against the 256MB … more

  • Build Apps. Don't Stop.

    So, there have been quite a few "build an app, win x" competitions around Windows Phone recently. And while, yes, probably one of the driving factors behind this is so that Microsoft can tout amazing marketplace growth numbers, there is quite an interesting yet obvious side effect of this - I am getting better at developing WP7 apps. Or by better, I just mean, I know more - every single one I've … more

  • Windows Phone Dev: Multiple DataTemplates In One ListBox

    I've been putting the finishing touches on Wuxie, and one of the elements I needed was an Achievements list, with a different display for locked and unlocked achievements. While I could have written a whole bunch of converters to detect the appropriate settings, etc; a much cleaner way I came across was to implement a DataTemplateSelector, which essentially serves different Data Templates … more

  • Pro-Tip: Including Background Music For Your Windows Phone App

    Alright! So I've finally cracked how to set up background music playing consistently in the background for a Windows Phone app. Here's a step by step lowdown: 1) Play background music with MediaElement. So we're going to hold a MediaElement object at the Application Level, so our music keeps playing while you transition between pages. Note the MediaEnded event, which we'll come to later. In … more

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