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  • Pro-Tip: Modifying Maximum Processor State In Windows 8 (Even If Power Options Won't Let You)

    Prior to upgrading to Windows 8, I had a little toggle within advanced power options that allowed me to set the maximum CPU usage state for my laptop - having had issues with XCOM running it at 100% for extended periods of time and overheating it, causing shutdowns, I pushed this down to 80% and everything was groovy... Until I upgraded to Windows 8, and the setting disappeared. Luckily, with a … more

  • Telerik Windows 8 RadControls Available

    Here's a little plug for Telerik's Windows 8 RadControls, which has been released into the wild. Like their other RadControl suites, RadControls for Windows 8 are pre-built controls for developers. It's nice that they come in both XAML and HTML flavours, which work identically. While there aren't as many in the set as compared to some of their other RadControls (like the Windows Phone 8 one), I … more

  • Portable Class Libraries - Shared Core for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Apps

    I'm a little late to the party, but I started looking into creating a new WP8 the other day, and figured I'd try and make it as reusable as possible for a possible Win 8 port - and Portable Class Libraries, something that used to be an extension is now fully baked into Visual Studio 2012. Basically, PCL projects allow you to share code between disparate technologies - Windows Phone, Silverlight, … more

  • Pro-Tip: How To Simulate A Suspend Event For A Windows 8 Store App

    Or is that Windows 8 Metro App? Or Windows 8 NUI App? I really wish there was one clear term that isn't a combination of words that easily messes with search engine results to look for Windows 8 app dev hints. (I know it's not Metro anymore, but I kind of wish it was, since searching for Metro generally gives better results than a generic word like Store) Anyway, where was I? Simulating a … more

  • Pro Tip: How To Change The Existing Product Key For Windows 8 Enterprise

    Moving my work laptop to Windows 8 goodness, and the key embedded with the install media wasn't working but I had been given a valid one from the IT Dept. - a quick surface Google/Bing kept suggesting to click on the "change product key" option, but the link doesn't appear for me in this instance. What to do? I came across this post (for Vista, would you believe it), and the instructions work. … more

  • Windows 8 Store Woes

    I should have known from previous experience with TradeMetro, but trying to get my second app through has been extremely annoying :( I feel exactly like this guy (though to his credit I haven't quite spent two months...yet) Surely it can't be that hard for MS to do all the tests at once instead of dripfeeding them to me in error after error... And apparently, I've got some issue with the media … more

  • Pro-Tip: How To Stop/Start Background Streaming Audio In Windows 8

    In my spare time, I've been working on a little online radio streaming app for Windows 8, based on the sample project from Microsoft. What I very quickly discovered was that calling .Stop() and .Pause() on MediaElements that were reading from streams didn't actually do anything. My first cut at a solution was to set the MediaElement's source to null, and then recreate the source in lieu of Stop / … more

  • Windows 8 Pro Tip: HttpClient Exception and Package Capabilities

    Just having a bit of a play around with Windows 8 dev recently in the Release Preview (it's been a big week for MS for sure, with the Surface and Windows Phone 8 announcements) and just came across this little gotcha... If you create a new project and create a HttpClient object and just want to call a web service, or a page, you may encounter a HttpRequestException (an error occured while … more

  • Windows 8 / WinRT / Metro style - How To Prompt User To Send Email

    Was working on building an "About" panel for a Windows 8 app today (for which you can find a great guide to doing so here). While I wasn't able to work out how to prompt a user to rate the application (EDIT: if you didn't click through, it turns out rate/review is added automatically if installed via Microsoft Store), I did work out how to prompt a user to send an email, much like the … more

  • WP7 To Windows 8 / WinRT: The Equivalent Of WebBrowserTask

    A brief but quick tip for any Windows Phone developers out there moving/porting some applications across to Windows 8 / Metro Apps / WinRT; if you need to open a link in a browser, we don't have WebBrowserTasks any more: instead, you're using the Windows.System.Launcher namespace. Here's an example: Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new Uri("", UriKind.Absolute)); Note that this … more

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