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  • WCF: Generic Errors, Tracing And You

    Working on some RESTful WCF services, I've on occasion noticed the totally unhelpful and blank "the connection was reset" errors when calling some of my method calls. At the time, I was testing returning very large data sets so I had a suspicion I was probably hitting a limit in WCF somewhere; but hitting the service through the browser wasn't being particularly helpful. I'd already included the … more

  • WCF + Entity Framework + JSON = Tears

    Well, maybe not tears, but it probably won't work as smoothly as you want it to right out of the box. I had my nice little WCF with JSON responses all going nicely, with some test data, and that was all sweet, but the second I tried to return an EF object, WCF cried miserable, miserable tears and didn't return anything. What's the deal? It turns out that the JSON serializer doesn't like the " … more

  • Inter-Process Communication With NamedPipes

    Doing heaps of new and exciting (to me, anyway) business at work and needed to get a Windows Service and a WPF app to talk to each other, and have the service be able to initiate commands on the WPF app. I messed around with WCF named pipes for a bit trying to get this to work, but was having a bit of a brain fail, so gave up on that approach (if you've done Service <- Process/WPF app … more

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