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  • Pro Tip: Using Node.js's child_process with Gulp and Visual Studio's Task Runner Explorer

    A quick tip - had a Gulp task set up to call Git from the command line, get the latest commit hash and append it to some html files, and while it worked on someone else's Mac, it didn't on my machine. gulp.task('tag', function(){ shell('git describe --dirty', function(err,stdout) { if(err) { throw new Error(err); } gulp.src(['index.html'], { root: base }) .pipe( … more

  • How To Stop Visual Studio From Debugging Javascript Errors For A Website Project

    Have you found that Visual Studio doesn't listen to you when you tell it not to debug your Javascript? You've started an instance of it via the Debug menu, but you don't want to pause every time a script error happens - however, the Internet Explorer Advanced Options / "Disable script debugging" option does nothing, and neither does Just-In-Time / unchecking "Script" from Types of Code from … more

  • Custom MSBuild Tasks (Or, How To Update Your Content On Build)

    If you've ever wanted to dynamically replace some kind of content in your Visual Studio projects on compilation / build, a powerful (and not too difficult) way of doing it is creating your own MSBuild Task. In the past, this meant writing a custom Task with all its associated code, but with .NET 4.0 or later, you can actually make your own Tasks inline, right in your .csproj file. Straight into … more

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