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  • Pro-Tip: jQuery Event Binding and ASP.NET UpdatePanels

    If you've bound some events (like a keypress to a textbox) within an ASP.NET update panel, this will work the first you try it, but not on subsequent times. Why? Well, as part of its operation, the ASP.NET UpdatePanel replaces the entire html content of the panel, invalidating your bound events. Fortunately, you can instruct ASP.NET to bind subsequent events with the PageRequestManager, while … more

  • SharePoint 2010 - Closing A Modal Dialog Within An UpdatePanel Programmatically

    SharePoint 2010 provides lots of nice of JavaScript helpers and methods, one category of which involves Modal Dialogs (eg the default behaviour when you view / edit a list item in a list). We can pretty easily create a modal dialog with a call to SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog(options) (and you can take a look at this blog post for a little more detail). So, let's imagine we open a dialog … more

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