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  • Some Things You Can't Buy

    To mark the end of the Lunar New Year, the Lantern Festival, held on the first full moon of the year, is generally a pretty exciting occasion in most of Taiwan. This year, I was lucky (or crazy enough) to join the 40,000 people descending on the sleepy mountain town of Shifen in the Pingxi district, where for the Lantern Festival an endless stream of locals and tourists set off sky lanterns en … more

  • Happy Lunar New Year - 新年快樂

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything - Chinese New Year is the big holiday break here in Taipei (much like Christmas / New Years in Western countries), and to celebrate I'm down in Kaoshiung with family and friends, escaping the Taipei winter and rain. Nothing quite like Mahjong until the small hours of the morning (hanging out for that 自摸 / winning hand), lots and lots of … more

  • Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Moved To Taiwan / Taipei

    Being here for just under five months, I've had a lot of time to view this lovely country through a more permanent lens. In no particular order (and not necessarily being good or bad things, just things), here's five random ramblings on what I wish someone told me: 1. Don't expect to have an oven in your apartment Or in your friends' oven. Or anywhere, really. Before you move here, enjoy all … more

  • It Turns Out It's Really Easy To Scam People

    If you use their second language :( Yup, I fell victim to a scam / phishing thing today...terrible timing too, very busy day at work, already had plans for tomorrow, can't move the work, and then bam a pile of steaming fraud to deal with... Moral of the story: even if it is from your uncle (whose account has been hacked and you don't know yet), if he's registering for anything and doesn't tell … more

  • Ibon: How To Print Documents at 7-11 In Taipei (100% Online)

    Need to print a ticket, document or something else? While it's not particularly English friendly, it turns out that you can actually print any Word document or PDF at any 7-11 store in Taipei using their ibon machines! Defying logic, the upload and printing options aren't documented under the print section of the website or on the machine itself. But the gist of it is: Step 1) Upload your file … more

  • You mean it's 101, not 2012?

    If you hang around in Taiwan for a short while, you'll soon discover the 民國 (Min guo) calendar, be it in conversation or when filling out a form. Basically, Year 1 is treated as the founding of the Republic of China in 1912 by Sun Yat Sen - so this year (2012) is Year 101. Interesting fact: The ROC era numbering happens to be the same as the numbering used by the Juche calendar of North Korea, … more

  • How to Get a Uniform ID Number In Taiwan

    If, like me, you have travelled to Taiwan for a longer-term stay but for some reason or another do not have an ARC, to do pretty much anything important, you'll want to get a Uniform ID Number. My uncle who lives here set me up with the details, but essentially the easiest way to do this is in person at one of the National Immigration Agency's (NIA) Service Centres. I went to the one in … more

  • Chapter III: Taiwan

    Next week will feel a little weird. On Monday, instead of snoozing through my alarm for an hour and then dragging myself out of bed to prepare for work, I'll be sleeping. I won't actually have work for the rest of the month, and it's not a holiday - I'm upending my life and moving to Taiwan! In doing so, I leave my first real employer (Borders doesn't count / was not related to my degree / is … more

  • I'm Flying Without Wings

    Literally, I am actually "flying", without wings. The similarities between the high speed rail from Kaohshiung to Taipei, and aircraft, are just way too many. They both have: an in-flight/train magazine a traytable a food/beverage cart, and an attendant overhead baggage seats that recline annoyingly arrival music when you reach your destination business class They travel at 300 km/h, but it … more

  • Taiwan Q Q

    For the uninitiated, Q Q isn't just a sad face emoticon, but is actually also a descriptor for food here in Taiwan (and I imagine in some other Asian countries, but possibly not...) You'll often see people touting their food as being "Q", which a lot of people seem to like here. But what exactly is Q? Apparently, it means chewy...but in a nice way. Some sort of medium between al dente and … more

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