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  • Things I Miss About Taipei Now That I Live In London

    So I live in Camden, North London now - and as you'd expect, things get a little different when you travel 10,000 kilometers. My first impressions of London are that it's a vibrant, global city with a deep heritage...but there's some things I wish it would take from Taipei. I really miss 7-11. I miss being able to print random documents on the cheap; our local option is £1 a page, which is 25 … more

  • Almost there...

    Just to assure you I am still alive, I'm typing this from Singapore Airport. Which is, by the way, leagues better than LAX. (There's a LAN gaming room! PlayStation 3s! A movie room! Skytrains! 24 hour food places! Free wifi! Free internet!) Just one more crazy 1.15 am flight (which is really more like 4am if you take into account all the timezones I just crossed) and then the Taipei chapter will … more

  • Taipei's Public Transportation Is Awesome

    When my aunt says "the metro is a little slower at night, you'll have to wait 10 minutes for a train", I think back to Auckland and I laugh. I laugh, and I wish I could pack up Taipei's fantastic public transport system and plant it right into Auckland. (I guess the other half of the problem is things to do in Auckland, but I digress) There's a version of Wellington's Snapper card here; it's … more

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